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My work as an artist and photographer is largely informed by my rural Alberta upbringing, a strong sense of home and inheritance, and a series of significant personal losses threaded through my twenties – including the deaths of my brother and father. Through photography, I seek to foster reverence for the everyday, turn ephemera into archive, and spark connection through storytelling and social research. My work poses and plays with questions of legacy, memory, and livelihood. I am curious about the traces and monuments we leave behind.

I shoot film not only for the resulting image quality, but also for the feeling it evokes in my body. Film cultivates a different kind of presence in me –
careful, attentive, intuitive, and not-quite-in-control. I like working this way: slightly surrendered to chance, light, aperture, and a chemical reaction. No digital back or instant replay to introduce second-guessing or disrupt the intimacy between subject and lens. A little more mystery, and a little more pause.

I welcome commissions and collaboration with various artists, brands, and individuals. Please get in touch if you would like more information on my process, availability, and rates.

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