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I have a background in visual art, web design, art direction, product management, and small-scale farming. Each of these histories inform my work as a photographer, which seeks to foster reverence for the everyday, turn ephemera into archive, and spark connection through storytelling and social research.

I shoot film not only for the resulting image quality, but also for the feeling it evokes in my body. Film cultivates a different kind of presence in me - careful, attentive, intuitive, and not-quite-in-control. I like working this way: slightly surrendered to chance, light, aperture, and a chemical reaction. No digital back or instant replay to introduce second-guessing or disrupt the intimacy between subject and lens. A little more mystery, and a little more pause.
In this current photographic chapter, I am most interested in stories of craft, trade, legacy, and livelihood. Work fills much of our days, and preoccupies so many conversations. I am curious about the types of living (and lives) we are carving out for ourselves, a return to old-ways of making, newly charted territory, and the traces and monuments we might leave behind.

Based in Calgary, Alberta and happy to travel. Available for commercial, editorial, and lifestyle work.

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