In Memory

On June 26th, 2012, my seventeen year old brother died by suicide.

In Memory is a product of love and longing, made in the wake of his death. Two series comprise this body of work in an incomplete attempt to catalogue what he left behind. As if gathering the remains of his life might keep him closer. A sweater, a t-shirt, a wooden box, a pair of soccer cleats - everyday objects elevated to reliquary status. Holy because he touched them. So too are these seven boys (or are they men?) facing the camera. Each hardened and softened in their own way by his passing. Wearing their grief with self-conscious bravery, and wielding more power than they know. Tissue paper maps of what might have been.

In Memory was exhibited at The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective in Victoria BC from July 31st to August 17th, 2014.